Announcement: Intelligent Customer Management integration with Outreach

Your CRM is great at telling you what happened, but it can’t tell you what to do next

Intelligent Customer Management can help; it interprets every conversation, note, and opportunity, and tells you what has transpired and what to do next.

Insights come as bite-sized tasks: hot leads, missed follow-ups, and other high-leverage situations requiring immediate attention.

[7d6cf482f23014b5d073ae293118ec0e]_Image 2019-08-05 at 11.43.31 AM.png

For you, this means a consistent process, with no leakage, and 40% more pipeline per seller.

Now available in the Outreach Galaxy

The ability of Outreach to ensure a consistent process (e.g., sequences, reminders, snippets, logging, etc) is well known. If your team isn’t using a Sales Engagement Platform, you are leaving money on the table.

Today, we’re excited to announce our partnership with Outreach.

Our platforms are an excellent duo together, as together we enable previously unseen benefits and efficiencies across the entire customer journey.

As teams sell over a period of time, a lot of valuable context is built up — education, engagement, next steps, interest, etc.

That’s where things get a bit messier, as that context is extremely valuable, but today, the only way for sellers to access it is manually, by going through endless activity feeds.

That’s where we come in — we structure all that important contextual data to ensure you’re maximizing your Outreach investment & focusing on the right tasks at the right time.

With Outreach and Intelligent Customer Management, you can start your day with high-value, ICM-powered important things to do (all tasks executed in ICM and performed via Outreach). Then, continue engaging the rest of your accounts & perform the rest of your day-to-day tasks directly in Outreach.

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