Nova Officially Available for Microsoft Outlook

You asked. Nova delivered.

We’re proud to announce that Nova is now officially compatible with Microsoft Outlook. Download our add-on now from the Microsoft Office Store to begin using the world’s leading personalized selling platform across all versions of Outlook, including Outlook 365 hosted mail, on both Mac and PC.

This brand-new compatibility opens up Nova to a huge segment of the market, and we can’t wait to begin helping virtually every sales team out there to sell smarter and close more deals.

Launched in 2016, Nova helps sales and marketing reps better engage with prospects through the use of AI-personalized email, flows, personals, and analytics. Our platform helps maximize the productivity of your teams and empowers them to focus on driving revenue.

Nova thoroughly analyzes your prospect’s digital presence to produce messaging that aligns with their interests. Our platform also provides meaningful analytics that reveal which forms of personalization works best with specific buyer personas, allowing your business to make data-driven decisions to refine messaging over time. From the moment your message is sent, Nova tracks performance engagement. Learn more about how Nova fuels success over in our Solutions Center.

Build rapport, foster trust, close more deals, and save time every step of the way with the brand-new Nova for Outlook.

Not an Outlook user? Don’t worry! Nova is also available for Gmail / Google Apps.

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