Atlatl Software Case Study: Effectively Scaling Sales with a Personal Touch


“The biggest value Nova provides Atlatl Software’s growing sales team is the amount of time savings for researching and developing qualified accounts, contacts and leads. The impact of the increased number of quality touches has resulted in higher response rates and enterprise business opportunities.”

Zac Cooper
Director of Sales, Atlatl Software


About Atlatl Software

Atlatl Software provides manufacturing and distribution firms with cloud-based tools to optimize their sales processes. The features of these tools range support sales professionals with everything from simplifying product configuration to generating dynamic pricing for quotes.

In addition to prioritizing best-in-class solutions for its, clients, Atlatl’s dedication to customer success emphasizes a quality client experience starting with implementation of their innovative software and going well beyond.


Atlatl’s Challenges

The field of manufacturing and distribution is a massive market that represents a significant opportunity for Atlatl Software’s unique approach. Yet with its lean sales operation and personalized sales process, reaching a larger number of leads — and properly qualifying them — was an ongoing struggle.

An individualized touch is one of the hallmarks of Atlatl, allowing sales professionals to build stronger relationships with clients and offer incredibly customized solutions. The software company needed a way to maintain the quality of its consultative process and lead generation system while reaching out to even more potential customers.


Nova’s Solution

We knew that Atatl needed a way to grow their sales outreach program to gain more of the manufacturing and distribution sales market, without sacrificing the personal, consultative sales approach that made them unique. The other aspect of the puzzle for the software organization was building quantity of leads while maintaining a high level of lead qualification that would keep their sale team efficient.

With these goals in mind, we developed a system for Atlatl that harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to automate sales communications that still offer an individualized approach. Nova’s software solution also enabled the company to more efficiently research prospects for a higher level of lead qualification. We were also able to provide them with a native interface within Gmail, ensuring a single, streamlined workflow for prospecting.


The Results

nova-logo.png50% Time Savings in Contact Research

Since adopting this new system, Atlatl software has seen significant growth in its prospecting activities. Automated systems have provided a 50% time savings in contact research while enabling consultative outreaches.


nova-logo.png25% Increase in Prospect Connects

At the same time, more accurate information and lead qualification has led to a 25% increase in the number of call backs, email responses, and new LinkedIn connections.


nova-logo.png10% Increase in New Opportunities

Overall, Atlatl has experienced a 10% increase in new opportunities since adopting Nova. These high growth rates have been achieved by promoting, rather than sacrificing, Atatl’s personalized sales approach.

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