Mediafly Case Study: Nova Boosts Productivity by 700%


“Nova is a tool that you can tell was designed by a company who knows how sales reps work on a day to day basis. As a sales manager and the Salesforce admin, Nova provides the perfect balance between making sure what is important gets tracked while reducing the admin time for sales reps. The one tool my sales reps can’t live without is Nova.”

James Hemberg
Director of Business Development, Mediafly 


About Mediafly

Mediafly is a Chicago-based company providing mobile enablement software and sales technology solutions. Founded in 2006, Mediafly has been recognized as one of America’s fastest growing companies for the last four years.


The Problem

Mediafly recognized a problem among their sales reps in early 2017. James Hemberg, Director of Business Development, was seeking a tool that fit well with what the reps’ daily routines and allowed his team to track activity for the sake of building out scalable best practices.

Hemberg recognized Mediafly reps were unsatisfied with how much manual logging was involved in their CRM, and most reps preferred to email out of Gmail over emailing out of Salesforce.

“At least 50% of my team’s time was being spent prospecting and writing emails as opposed to being in front of clients and selling,” says Hemberg. “We needed to a find a tool that allowed us to cut that time down to at least in half of it but didn’t sacrifice the quality of the outreach.”


The Solution

Mediafly discovered Nova later that year and quickly began enjoying the benefits of the world’s leading AI-powered personalized selling platform. Their team utilized a variety of solutions for marketing and sales based on their unique needs, including:

nova-logo.pngCold Email Outreach Templates

With Nova’s team-wide email template tools, Mediafly sales reps are able to easily identify and understand which templates convert best for a specific prospect based on their title or industry, empowering them to deliver a more high-value experience throughout the buyer’s journey.


nova-logo.pngDaily Task Management

Mediafly sales reps rely on Nova to structure their entire day. Individual task lists, consisting of calls and emails, are set up for reps every morning with the understanding all tasks will be completed same-day. Each rep’s workflow is structured around their daily metrics, so in order to hit their target output number, all they need to do is complete their assigned Nova tasks.


nova-logo.pngAnalytics & Monitoring

The marketing team at Mediafly closely monitors the analytics Nova’s platform provides and uses that information to get a stronger ROI out of the company’s Marketing Automation Platform.


The Results

nova-logo.png700% Increase in Email Output

In the first month of implementation, Mediafly saw its monthly email output jump from 600 emails to upwards of 4,100 emails, effectively boosting each rep’s email output by almost 700 percent.


nova-logo.png150% Increase in Dials

By streamlining the day with Nova workflows and task creation, Mediafly saw dials increase for each rep by over 150 percent.


nova-logo.png75% Less Time Emailing & Tracking

Nova’s email automation and tracking tools give Mediafly sales reps the power to drastically cut down on the amount of time spent emailing and tracking those emails, decreasing from about 4 hours a day to only 60 minutes.


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