Nova Sentiment: AI-Powered Response Disposition


“Salespeople are hustling each and every day, outbounding and reaching out to folks with messages on new products. This elicits a lot of responses, and often it’s hard to take the time to gauge the meaning of those responses.”

-Will Dinkel, Nova Founder & CEO

Introducing Nova Sentiment, an AI-Powered Response Disposition that understands the intent and sentiment of different email responses. This flow response will help to identify how different people and personas are responding to your sales team’s messaging.


Understand What Your Prospect is Really Saying

When an SDR reaches out to prospective clients the response they receive can essentially be classified as positive, negative or neutral, and that’s what the new Nova Sentiment feature focuses on.


Identifying the sentiment behind each response helps SDRs and sales managers alike better understand what messaging is most effective and leads to positive sales outcomes. It also allows sales managers to see which reps on their team are performing well, who’s driving the best responses, and how different messaging flows perform.


Refine Outreach Emails & Flows Based on What Works Best

A manager can also dissect the flow to determine the level of positivity at each stage. It becomes clear the equation shifts a bit as you get deeper into the messaging flows, which can be helpful in trying to understand the performance of messaging on a stage-by-stage basis, like identifying the right number of touches and which touches within a flow are doing poorly relative to others. You can also scope it down to an individual flow and see what percentage of messaging is generating appointments.


Meaningful Analytics, Maximum Productivity

“Where it really gets interesting is when you compare different types of messaging and look back at the stats in aggregate,” says Nova founder and CEO William Dinkel. “You can look back a few months and dive in to figure out the positivity or negativity of the responses, and with Sentiment you can do this on a ‘per-message’ level.”


Dinkel also expressed his excitement over how useful the analytics are for this response disposition, highlighting that they take away some of the busy work of the very repetitive actions involved in reviewing and analyzing responses, stating:

“Sentiment will make people’s jobs a lot simpler and easier by giving more transparency on what’s working well and what’s not. This will help sales reps understand their prospect base – who they’re having the most success with on a persona basis and who they should target, more or less of.”


For those ready to get their hands on all of Nova’s sales automation tools, click the button below to request a free demo of our personalized selling platform today!

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