Prospecting Tips: Warm Calling in 2018


Successful warm calling demands research, resolve, and some good old marketing elbow grease. When done correctly, warm calling positions your company as trustworthy and creates new opportunities.

Warm calling is based on a prior connection. You believe the prospect fits the profile of your best customer. Perhaps the prospect is a referral or someone you met at an industry event. It could be someone who responded to a call to action on your website, downloaded a whitepaper, or signed up for a newsletter. The important thing to remember is that once you’ve identified a warm prospect, the real preparation begins. Here’s how to succeed.

Do Your Research

Know everything about your prospect before you pick up the phone or draft an email. Have an opening value statement based on solid research. Never assume a warm lead is ready to close. Check out the company’s social media presence, along with executive profiles, and press releases. You need a sense of their accolades, pain points, and future goals. This will help you hyper-tailor your opening. It’s about having enough ammunition to improvise – though you should have an informal script prepared.

Use a Script, But Be Flexible

Script exactly what you’ll say in that first 10 seconds – it’s the most critical stage of your call. Use a template sales script you can customize – a framework that allows you to veer away from the script but sound as real and warm as possible. Incidentally, practice makes perfect. Rehearse your first 10 seconds several times.

Assume the Role of Consultant

Think of yourself as a consultant in the initial contact. What tips can you give the prospect to improve their business? Send a follow-up email with even more information after your initial discussion. Have you come across an article that highlights an issue your prospect is grappling with? Send that along too. As a consultant, you are offering your expertise and in doing so, solving their problems.

Ask Questions

Research provides the opportunity to ask the types of questions that lead your prospect to trust your judgment. Can you identify the challenges your current customers commonly encounter? This is a great opportunity to ask the prospect if these are the same challenges they face.

Have an Agenda

Identify yourself and your company immediately. Make it clear what your intent is. Your goal is to offer a warm prospect something that will actually benefit them. Focus on their needs and think of this as a collaboration. Did they download an e-book about SaaS providers from your website? Make sure you give them at least one piece of information that helps them understand the process or deployment of cloud computing.

Take the Next Step

Each touchpoint in the process needs to build on the last and create a pivot to the next interaction. Always ask for something before the call ends. Do you have a whitepaper that you’d like the prospect to review? Do you want to set up the next call with a decision maker? Do you have a pilot solution you can deploy? Make certain you define what you want next and ask for it.


Warm calling is all about providing valuable insights and actionable ideas during the sales process. It’s about asking questions to understand your prospects needs and anticipating what you can offer that will provide solutions. It’s not about you or a perfect sales pitch – it’s about what you can offer the prospect.

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