7 Tasks Your Virtual Assistant Should Be Doing


Today’s top sellers are always on the hunt for one thing: time! Developing time-management skills and improving efficiency are both powerful ways that can help elevate sales performance to top-performer levels.

Frequently, however, sales reps at all levels feel a serious strain on their time. Between prospecting, following up, moving deals through the sales cycle, and keeping management tasks at bay, time can easily slip away from even the most experienced rep.

One secret that sales reps employ to combat strains on their time is to hire a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants are remote contract employees that, for relatively inexpensive rates, can plow through your to-do list on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, freeing up your time to focus on building relationships and managing the strategic elements of your job.

But what tasks are best suited for a virtual assistant? Delegation can be tricky. Cindy Bastron, founder of Cindy Bastron Virtual Assistant, suggests delegating tasks that keep you organized, while focusing your energy on things that help you build relationships.

“Even with flawless systems and organization, there is still a level of human interaction needed in business that can’t be replaced with automation,” Bastron told Nova. “These are tasks that, if neglected, can greatly impact your client’s perception of you and your product. These are the tasks that we specialize in as VAs.”

Here are seven things to delegate to your virtual assistant today:



1. Appointment Setting

Even something as simple as setting up a calendar appointment, when multiplied, can end up eating hours of your month. By delegating these tasks to your virtual assistant, those meetings get booked and any requests to reschedule are handled promptly.




2. Event & Meeting Planning

In-person client events can be just the push you need to close a deal, but meeting and event planning can be time consuming. Schedule coordination, room reservations, travel, agendas, and finding the right restaurant for a casual lunch can take time. Call in your virtual assistant to be your planner.




3. Vacation & Leave Response

Burnout is common in the sales world. Not anymore, with a virtual assistant on your side. Ever find yourself on vacation, responding to emails just so you can have a full calendar upon your return? Kiss those days goodbye.




4. Deal Tracking

Deal tracking is vital but tedious, especially when it comes to updating notes in your CRM. With a virtual assistant, you can jot down your notes in an email and hit send as soon as the call is over. Rest easy knowing that any tasks will be recorded and reminders sent when the time is right.




5. Process Implementation

A well-implemented CRM or marketing automation platform can be a huge time saver, but what sales rep has time to create flawless workflows or automation rules? By assigning your virtual assistant to this special project, automation can work for you, rather than against you.




6. Client Appreciation

Sales reps know that the personal details are the most important when it comes to clients. Have your virtual assistant track and recognize important milestones in your client’s life, project, or company. Your commission check will thank you.




7. Research

New client research is important, but it can be time consuming. Implement a process with your virtual assistant that allows you to be organized for your calls every single day without fail, without draining another minute on the clock.


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