Why Predictive Intelligence is the Only Game in Town


We’re living in the “Age of the Customer” and this digital-centric ecosystem demands agility. Virtually every industry is mapping plans for an AI dominated world in anticipation of how customers will use technology to streamline and enhance their lives.

The disruptions from AI and IoT – including predictive analytics – will be equal to the dawn of the PC. A seismic shift is here and ubiquitous AI adoption is imminent, and it’s already reshaping the sales industry right before our eyes.


Sales & Marketing Will Converge

Digital transformation is particularly relevant for sales teams who negotiate data from automation and workflows. Predictive Intelligence will enable sales and marketing resources to align goals and, more importantly, shift the conversation away from persona-based tactics to personalization.

This will prove critical in a market where customers’ lead interactions with business, and one bad experience can result in a loss of allegiance – and the move to a competitor.


Leads Are People, Not Numbers

Sales funnels will flatten as multiple touchpoints overlap and you become better connected to more people in more places. Leads are no longer numbers – they’re people – and predictive intelligence opens a gateway to valuable data insights that permit fast and efficient follow-up.

Customer satisfaction will drive strategy, and predictive analytics will broker the relationship between an organization’s digital initiatives and conversion.


Anticipation is Key

Companies adapting predictive analytics will be able to get closer to their customers and become even more competitive. Recent forecasting reports suggests that SaaS-based predictive analytics application spending will exceed $18 billion this year, and by the end of 2020, this figure will exceed $22 billion.

Delaying adoption of predictive analytics will make you vulnerable to competitors who are fully invested in AI. Plus, what we’re all after – a better user experience – demands processes that anticipate customers’ needs.


Adoption v. Obsolescence

AI-driven algorithms are already at play in equity trading, areas of investment management, and healthcare. Not only does this guarantee a better user experience, but more accurate decision-making.

In the sales pipeline, this means progress and prospects can be analyzed sooner. This means teams can more quickly and efficiently determine exactly what needs to be adjusted in order to improve performance.

The dawn of AI and the discipline of predictive analytics are changing the ways we communicate and respond to everything around us, forcing old business models to collapse. If businesses don’t engage with predictive intelligence now, it could take years to catch up, if at all.


Beyond the Expected is Expected

Anticipating customers’ expectations lay at the core of predictive intelligence. Offering a seamless experience throughout your customers’ journey is essential in order to maintain a competitive advantage. What you do at all touchpoints must resonate on a more granular, personal level.

That granularity will enable you to identify changes in customer behavior that could lead to shifts in market trends. With predictive analytics, you’ll be prepared for those shifts and better able to focus your energies anywhere in your customers’ journey that demands scrutiny.

Knowing your customers’ unique preferences is power. Predictive intelligence gives you that power, and if your company isn’t engaged in the same pursuit, you’re not actually in the game.

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