3 Must-Ask Questions Before You Click “Send”


Connecting with customers is something any business can inherently benefit from, no matter the industry or scale of the market – people embrace a product when outreach is tailored to fit. Engagement with a brand is the link between a product and consumers. It’s what leads to referrals, long-term clients, and raving fans. Even so, some studies assign the number of businesses that customize their dialogue with customers to be a rarity, with only one in twenty extensively adjusting their email marketing to the individual.

Establishing a good rapport with any single specific customer can be difficult to navigate and goes well beyond mentioning them by name. By answering these simple questions about the individual, you can deliver a much more impactful message.

Who is Your Reader?

In order to customize email campaigns effectively, it’s important to understand the customer or prospective buyer as best as the data allows to answer the question: To whom is the message?
This is critical in making natural categorizations when deciding how to start any conversation. Age, background, field of employment, and other variables you can glean through a bit of research can be indicators of a customization opportunity. These same distinctions allow an understanding of the individual over time, meaning a more robust profile and greater potential for customer click-through and an estimated 47% larger initial purchase.
By understanding who your reader is, you can more directly address and engage with them. These same distinctions allow you to develop an understanding of your target audience over time, which translates to a more robust buyer persona and greater potential for conversion.

What Do They Need?

Personalized product recommendations are capable tools that can be effective in any email campaign, using customized information to help both customers and prospective buyers find what they want, sometimes before they know they even want it.
Research shows that people tend to be more receptive to products when they feel like the promotion is designed based upon their personal shopping habits. This thoughtful touch gives the recipient of your email the feeling of being understood on a personal level, and that products presented will benefit them specifically.
The opposite is also true. If a product or promotion has nothing to do with an individual or their shopping history, click-through rates have been shown to drop by almost half. Recommendations of products purchased by customers with similar shopping interests also lend themselves to upselling and referrals, with the added assurance of social reinforcement on purchase decisions.

When Are They Online?

Timing is crucial. Every item in an inbox is going to either be read or ignored, and the times at which each recipient checks their email differs. Some may be inclined to open their email on their smartphone first thing in the morning, while others may be more reliant on a personal computer during their lunch break.
By timing communications with your recipient’s email-checking tendencies in mind, you’re able to reach them when they are most receptive. Thoughtful timing allows you to reach your reader when they’re most likely to open an email, rather than at set intervals that end up misaligned with their daily routine.
If a customer or prospective buyer feels like they have time to take in a message, they’re much more likely to be engaged. Observation and management of client’s active times is a personalized advantage that shouldn’t be underestimated, as it can keep your messaging from getting buried or overlooked in an inbox.


The possibilities and opportunities for customization only grow as you deepen customer profiles and grow to understand the individual.

If you’re ready to start engaging with your audience, check out our article that explains how to make a great first impression and boost open rates with the perfect subject line, or request a demo to learn how the world’s leading personalized selling platform can help your business accelerate sales and increase revenue.

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