Why We Started Nova

Why we started Nova

Your salespeople probably send out numerous email messages each day in an effort to generate sales, right? How do you feel about those mass emails, which contain no personal context for the recipient? Is that a good representation of your brand? Do those messages reflect the quality of your product or service? And how effective are those messages? Do they actually produce the type of conversions you were hoping for?

Sales is Broken

Mass emails can actually be a net loss for your business because they’re based on templates that are inherently impersonal. Template-based emails create a negative first impression and cause your potential customers to block your email address as spam. Personalized sales messages are much more effective, although they also require more time to create when using traditional methods. However, personalization is essential for converting bad sales into good sales.

Nova is a sales platform that we launched in the winter of 2016 to provide an alternative to writing sales messages by hand. We provide tools to help create and send highly personalized messages to your promising leads in seconds. Salespeople who use Nova become trusted advisors to customers, and book three times as many meetings as those who don’t.


Lead Generation

Effective communication is often a matter of finding a social connection with your prospective customers. This may be a shared educational background, hobby or cause, but the important thing is to establish some common ground with your contact. The difficulty for salespeople today is that they must sift through the amount of information available online to quickly identify these connection points. Our platform uses data analytics with artificial intelligence (AI) to examine your contact’s online information to generate an introductory paragraph that will personalize your pitch.


Our software integrates directly into your inbox, allowing it to track a variety of parameters such as bounces, clicks, open rates and replies. I have found that personalization is one of the keys to improving these numbers. This process typically begins by providing our software with the text of your specific pitch along with the email addresses for your leads. Our software then uses these addresses to pull information from public online sources, especially social media accounts, allowing you to identify the social connections that are so important for making sales.

At this point, our software adds a couple of sentences to the beginning of the message, which you can review and develop into an introductory paragraph. Once your message is complete, our software sends the messages to everyone on your contact list. Nova is primarily an analytics platform that will eventually determine the best approach for your particular set of customers. This process of using software to relate to people on a personal level is ultimately a result of the importance of creating large numbers of social connections to generate sales.

The only technical requirement for installing the Nova platform on your computer is an active Gmail account. Nova integrates directly into your inbox.


The initial generation of the personalized introduction is automatic. However, you should also review and edit the introduction to ensure that it creates the proper empathy before sending out the customized messages. A compelling, well-researched message typically requires 30 minutes to create by hand, but our personalization technology reduces this time to 30 seconds. Our platform uses extensive technology to create sentences with a natural sound and flow, allowing it to sound as if it were written by an actual person. Nova makes a dramatic difference in the success of your sales campaign. Our customers typically report an increase in their response rates of at least 300 percent compared to pure templated messages. This result is primarily due to the fact that people are more likely to respond to a message that doesn’t appear to have been sent to thousands of other people.

About Us

I’m Will Dinkel, co-founder, and CEO of Nova. I studied business at Harvard Business School and engineering at California Polytechnic University (Cal Poly). My co-founder Bryan Pirtle is Nova’s CTO. He studied engineering at Cal Poly and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Bryan is a career technologist who has developed real-time data systems for the E&J Gallo winery and technical stacks for various startups.

If you are a VP of Sales and in the SF-Bay Area, come visit us at the Salesforce Accelerator by Heroku. We’d love to hear your thoughts. We are breaking new ground, and just as importantly, supporting Good Sales.

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